Portfolio Investments Club

Do not look for a needle in a haystack. Just buy the whole stack.

J. Bogle, Founder of the Vanguard Group.

How it works

A team of professional investors in high-yield projects and cryptocurrencies carries out the selection of projects and placement of investments. You just have to withdraw the profit. Entrust the selection of highly profitable investments to professionals.



Our work is based on many years of experience in investing with high returns.


A rigorous selection of projects is carried out according to a whole list of criteria drawn up over the years of work in the industry.


A strong portfolio is one that makes a profit, despite the negative trends observed in the market.


Proper risk diversification is already half the success. The second half - in time to fix the income.

Invest in Portfolio Investment Club.
Profit is our task.

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Investment plans

Create a replenished deposit and get more income as the amount of working funds grows. Minimum investment amount: 1 USD or the equivalent in cryptocurrency. Maximum - at your own discretion. Money works until reaching 150% of the entered amount. At the same time, replenishment is added to the working deposit, as the amount in management grows, increasing your daily income and shortening the time to profit.


You can replenish your deposit, accelerating the exit to profit and increasing the daily percentage.


We invest in Portfolio projects, and you receive income in accordance with your working amount.


Money from the balance can be withdrawn, reinvested or invested in the CPI token to earn more.


CPI is an ethereum-based token that expresses the success of our investment. On his course you can earn.

Plan 1

Working amount:
1 - 500 USD

  • 1% daily
  • Works 150 days
  • Payback 100 days
  • Replenishable

Plan 2

Working amount:
501 - 1000 USD

  • 1.1% daily
  • Works 137 days
  • Payback 91 day
  • Replenishable

Plan 3

Working amount:
1001 - 2000 USD

  • 1.2% daily
  • Works 125 days
  • Payback 84 days
  • Replenishable

Plan 4

Working amount:
2001 - 5000 USD

  • 1.3%-1.5% daily
  • Works 116-100 days
  • Payback 77-67 days
  • Individual tariff plan

Project Manager

Club for investment interests and a platform for the exchange of experience.

BROTHER COIN (Crypto, approx. x800)
Jesus Coin (Crypto, approx. x30)
ETHEREUM (Crypto, approx. x11)
Elevrus (HYIP, approx. x6, incl. Ref.)
Bitcoin (Crypto, approx. x5)
You can familiarize with some results of my investments above.

Project Features

The project is built on the basis of three financial whales: Deposit funds, Balance funds, Internal cryptocurrency.